Seat Tarraco will install a new diesel

20-сен, 09;43 admin 11 461
At the moment, the Seat Tarraco has both gasoline and diesel power units. The minimum power is 150 hp, and the most powerful version produces an impressive 245 hp. However, the company decided that the model lacked another diesel engine, and began to correct this situation.
The new engine is expected to be very economical and will reduce fuel consumption to 5.4 - 6 liters per hundred kilometers according to the WLTP standard. We are talking about another 2.0 TDI engine, which can work with both a manual gearbox and front-wheel drive, and with a 4x4 robotic transmission.

Recall that in the Seat Tarraco lineup there are even hybrid versions that can be charged from the mains. This is a variation of FR PHEV, which combines a single electric motor with a petrol 1.5 TSI (150 HP, 250 N • m).

The new diesel will be installed in the following vehicle configurations: Style, Xcellence and FR. It fully complies with the advanced environmental standards and is an advanced development of the German Volkswagen.
The hybrid is also still in the state of concept and is preparing for release in the first quarter of 2021, although a new modification of a good SUV can be evaluated already today, though only in showrooms in Spain.