Seat is no longer the MEB Entry leader

20-сен, 10;01 admin 11 433
Seat, which has been developing the cheaper MEB Entry platform for electric vehicles, is no longer the leader in the field. After the Volkswagen Group signed an agreement with the Chinese manufacturer JAC, all innovative technologies moved to the PRC.
True, SEAT plays an important role in the new technological cooperation, because the Volkswagen management put the company at the head of the entire production process.

And all would be fine if Luca de Meo, the previous SEAT did not go to Renault, after which the development of its own MEB Entry platform was slowed down, and the project changed hands. The VW Group has not yet disclosed the exact details of the incident, but there is substantial evidence that development will now be carried out by Chinese specialists.

VW Group management believes that this step is justified from a strategic point of view. Manufacturing processes in China are much cheaper than in Europe, therefore it is more efficient to implement such projects with the involvement of Asian specialists.
However, this is not the first and not the last example of the transfer of production lines to Asian countries. And in the end, all members of the alliance will receive significant benefits.