Luca de Meo becomes president of Seat

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Luca de Meo is not the last person in the upper echelons of power of eminent automakers. He managed to work in Renault and VW Group, and in a variety of positions. Finally, it became known that Luca will take over as president of SEAT.
This was reported by the newspaper Le Parisien, which also published the reason for Luca's departure from Renault. Fired of his own free will - this is how the French briefly and clearly described the loss of an employee valuable to the company. Several people are claiming his place at once, including 60-year-old Carsten Isensee from Germany, who currently holds the post of head of financial affairs at SEAT.

Luca de Meo devoted several years of his life to the so-called "French race", which the elderly leader got fed up with. The atmosphere at SEAT is much calmer, and there are plenty of opportunities for growth. Especially considering the beginning of the manufacturer's expansion into Asian markets.
Presumably, this is not the first and not the last castling trick in the leadership of large European concerns. The shortage of personnel with such an abundance of experienced specialists clearly does not threaten companies, but the dominance in the world market is questionable.