New Seat el-Born is being tested

20-сен, 09;59 admin 11 204
SEAT is actively testing the el-Born model, which is still under camouflage. The driving characteristics of the power plant are being tested, but the outlines of another show car for wealthy teenagers are already recognizable in the LED optics, peeping out from under the disguise. Is it really?
This hatchback will be completely electric, and its design will be significantly different from all the current models of the company. Approximately this idea is expressed by the developers of the new el-Born in numerous interviews with the autopress. Seat has long conceived an electric car, which should take its niche in the growing market for electric vehicles in Europe. Looks like el-Born is the car.

However, SEAT has always specialized in the budget sector, so you shouldn't expect much luxury from the car. Remember at least the same Ibiza, which outwardly looked decent enough, but inside it gave out frank economy on materials and layout.
Whether the same fate awaits the new serial el-Born is still unknown. Journalists believe that the power plant of the car will produce about 200 hp, and the power reserve of the model will be about 420 km.