Seat Mii electric hatchback will start in autumn

23-сен, 17;27 admin 11 587
The new Seat Mii electric will be on sale this fall. The compact body, electric traction and good mileage on one charge make this model an excellent contender for the title of a modern city car. Let's take a closer look!
In terms of its technical stuffing, the car repeats the Skoda Citigoe iV. This means that we will have a 64 kW electric motor that produces 83 hp. and 212 N • m of torque, as well as a 36.8 kW • h battery, providing a mileage on a WLTP cycle of 260 kilometers. Acceleration to 50 km / h is 3.9 seconds, but the maximum speed is only 130 km / h.

The battery has a quick charge function at the terminal, which allows you to replenish 80% of its capacity in just an hour. A full charge from a home network takes about 4 hours. At the same time, the mentioned Skoda will stand at the outlet for all 12 hours.

In the cabin, we will find leather trim, heated seats, soft-touch handles made of quality plastic and a designer gear lever. At the same time, the manufacturer promises that the Mii electric will be one of the most affordable electric vehicles in the European market.
The car will be produced in Bratislava, but its European sales will start in October.