SEAT tests biomethane as a fuel

23-сен, 17;30 admin 11 594
In addition to electric cars, SEAT decided to keep up with other promising sources of alternative energy. There was news regarding the start of testing a biomethane plant as a power unit for SEAT Arona, which has already successfully run 30 thousand kilometers.
Engineers have high hopes for this type of fuel, since it is renewable and quite cheap. In addition, the Life Methamorphosis project recently started in Spain, which produces biomethane from ordinary household waste. Some foreign manufacturers have started production from waste water, which makes the process of generating fuel very environmentally friendly.

With all this, a car running on this fuel will emit up to 80% less carbon dioxide than a car running on gasoline or diesel.
The Spaniards remind that Barcelona produces about 2.5 tons of biological waste every day, which can be recycled into very cheap and high-quality fuel. If we arrange recycling, all this garbage would be enough for a fleet of 10 thousand cars, each year running 15 thousand kilometers. All in all, the project looks really attractive!