Shown a new concept Seat el-Born

23-сен, 17;21 admin 11 759
The new C-segment electric car was shown by representatives of SEAT. The el-Born model, as the name suggests, promises to be a hot novelty for the coming year. The car will be produced on the production lines of the Zwickau plant, which some time ago was engaged in the assembly of the related Volkswagen ID.3.
Despite the general expectation that the model will become the next show car, the car turned out to be a very serious development. Although the development is said loudly, since most of the nodes and base, el-Born will share with the brainchild of the VW Group mentioned above.

According to this fact, you can expect a rear-mounted electric motor with a capacity of about 200 hp. and several batteries to choose from. The power reserve for the WLTP cycle of the new model will depend on the battery capacity and will be about 350 - 550 kilometers per charge.
The modernized, but rather outdated, MEB platform allows for the front installation of the power unit. However, the rest of the units, sharpened for rear-wheel drive, are unlikely to allow SEAT engineers to decide on such an adventure. Nevertheless, the car promises to be interesting, if only because it will be one of the first production electric vehicles in Spain.