New Seat Leon will be something like VW Golf

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The fourth-generation Seat Leon, planned for the upcoming serial launch, will share a lot of components and technologies with the VW Golf. The production of the car will still be carried out in Martorell, but there will also be a new FR modification for the conveyor, in which a hybrid power plant will be installed.
Recall that according to statistics, the flagship of SEAT is the most popular passenger car in Spain. In total, 151 thousand Seat Leon cars were sold in the European market in the past 2019.

The change of generations is a serious step, so the designers of the Spanish concern have significantly worked on the configuration and appearance of the new item. All optics, starting from the basic configurations, will be LED, of our own design.
The car itself will share the MQB Evo platform with the Golf 8, which allows you to install not only traditional internal combustion engines, but also hybrid power plants, including those capable of charging from a household power grid. The line of engines itself will slightly grow in power and efficiency. The standard 130-horsepower engine with a 1.5-liter volume will be mandatory equipped with a variable geometry turbine.