Cupra brand will take over parent SEAT

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SEAT's subsidiary Cupra takes over its parent company. Moreover, all key posts are held by the same people. Why was this chess castling necessary? The answer is not nearly as obvious as it might seem at first glance!
The company has conceived a global rebranding that will affect all upcoming models in production. Management said they intend to transform SEAT into a new emotional brand that will be heard by everyone. For this, there was no better option than the Cupra brand that came to hand.

The company's top echelons of power have long dreamed of renaming SEAT Cupra. In the long term, the brand should be more prestigious than Volkswagen, which, for a moment, owns a majority stake in SEAT. At the same time, the rebranding will open up access to the North American markets, which the Spaniards so passionately desire.
At the same time SEAT as a brand is experiencing a real upswing today. The company enters the Asian market for the production of electric vehicles, is actively working on new models and restyling the current versions. The brand is widely known in Europe, and it is not yet clear whether this step will be really the right decision.